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Be The Driver – Who Saves Lives

For the first time ever, the Maryland Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Administration’s (MDOT MVA) Highway Safety Office is launching an all-encompassing highway safety campaign focused on safe driving behaviors, aptly named Be the Driver. The animated campaign depicts common situations that drivers, riders, and pedestrians often face and illustrates each road users’ personal responsibility. The ads will be featured year-round on local television, streaming music platforms, billboards, social media, and digital advertisement and be coupled with enforcement waves from state and local law enforcement agencies as part of a high visibility highway safety effort. Be The FOCUSED Driver One-third of fatal crashes were attributed to distracted driving. Cell phone use is one of the leading causes of distracted driving. However, other deadly distractions that take your attention from driving include eating, applying makeup, tending to children and changing radio stations. Be the FOCUSED Driver calls attention to the distraction that cell phones cause while driving and the probable consequences – a citation or a crash. See Distracted Driving Link Be The MAKE A PLAN Driver In Maryland, one-third of traffic fatalities are attributed to impairment by alcohol, drugs or both. Be the SOBER Driver messaging focuses on common scenarios […]

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