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Bill Allows Motorists to Keep Driving Past Real ID Deadline

Maryland drivers who have their licenses confiscated due to Real ID non-compliance would be protected under legislation heard this week in the General Assembly. In 2005, the federal Real ID Act mandated that all U.S. residents obtain an updated identification card in order to travel on commercial aircraft and access federal facilities. The rule, which goes into full effect on Oct. 1, requires states to verify documentation that proves name, birth date and residence. Those found driving with a license that expired for failure to comply with Real ID rules can have that license confiscated by police and may not continue to drive, as Maryland law requires drivers to be in possession of a valid license while driving. But under these bills, drivers who have their license confiscated by police for Real ID non-compliance would have 90 days to submit necessary documents to the Motor Vehicle Administration. The bills would exempt drivers during this 90-day period from being charged with failing to possess or display a driver’s license if pulled over for another infraction. The MVA began issuing the more secure Real ID cards — those with the star in the upper-right corner — in 2016, but did not require […]

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