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Credit Card Skimmer Found at Dollar General Store in Charlotte Hall

On Sunday, May 26, 2024, Deputy Anthony Cucinotta responded to a call from an employee at the Dollar General Store, 30547 Potomac Way, Charlotte Hall, reporting a suspected skimming device attached to a debit/credit card machine. The employee indicated that on May 25, the machine at one register was malfunctioning. Upon inspection, a plastic piece mimicking the keypad was found taped over the machine’s keypad. The initial investigation revealed that this piece was deliberately placed to defraud customers. Surveillance footage showed two individuals entering the store on May 24 at approximately 11:51 a.m. They separated, with one person attaching the device to the machine. Both suspects then exited the store and left on foot. The individual who placed the skimming device is described as a white or possibly biracial male with bushy hair, a dark mustache, a dark-colored tattoo on the left side of his neck, and a piercing in his left ear. The second individual is described as a white or Middle Eastern male with darker skin, long dark hair, and a goatee. Anyone with information about the suspects or this incident is urged to contact Lieutenant Ed Evans at 301-475-4200, ext. 8018, or Customers who made purchases […]

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