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Fifteen of 17 Businesses Pass Alcohol Compliance Checks in St. Mary’s County

The St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office Alcohol Enforcement Unit recently conducted a series of alcohol compliance checks at 17 businesses in St. Mary’s County. Fifteen of the establishments were found to be compliant, while two businesses failed to ask an underage Sheriff’s Office employee for identification. The covert compliance checks were conducted on Saturday, Feb. 11, 2023, starting at 3 pm, using an underage Sheriff’s Office Corrections Officer. The 19-year-old corrections officer was wearing plain clothes and was directed to enter each business to order or retrieve an alcoholic beverage for purchase. Of the 17 businesses visited, 15 were found in compliance with Maryland law and required identification from the underage corrections officer. Two businesses failed to ask for identification or failed to corroborate the corrections officer’s age and the employee was able to purchase an alcoholic beverage underage. Businesses found in compliance were: 2000 Liquor in Lexington Park ABC Liquors and Lounge in California Beacon Liquors in Callaway Canopy Liquors in Lexington Park Cook’s Liquor & Deli in Park Hall County Liquors in Lexington Park Early Bird in Hollywood H.V. Liquors in California International Beverages in Lexington Park Jughead Liquor Wine Beer in California Lex Wine & Spirits in […]

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