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Lexington Park Woman Stunned by $25,000 Pick 5 Prize at Canopy Liquors

A lucky Lexington Park woman who began playing Pick 5 a few months ago used some very special numbers to pave the way to an amazing $25,000 payday. The St. Mary’s County resident enjoys the Pick 3/4/5 games and always plays them for four days in a row. Last week, she did just that at Canopy Liquors in Lexington Park and placed a Pick 5 50-cent straight bet with the numbers 21570. She then went on about her day and didn’t check her tickets until the next morning, when she was getting ready for work. “I woke up extra early for some reason and couldn’t get back to sleep,” said the federal government employee. “Something said to check my tickets, so I did.” The 60-year-old pulled up the winning numbers on her phone and began checking her tickets. When she looked over the Pick 5 ticket, she saw her numbers matching one by one in the exact order. The loyal player realized she was holding a $25,000-winning ticket. “I started shaking,” she said. “It just seemed so unreal.” The lucky lady couldn’t believe her luck and has only shared the news with a good friend. That friend helped her figure […]

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