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Maryland Department of Natural Resources Fall Foliage Report – October 5, 2023

Fall days are here – blue skies, clouds like giant marshmallows, and gobs of sunshine. The only thing missing is the cooler daytime temperatures characteristic of fall weather. Crisp autumn air causes leaves to stop making food or stop the process of photosynthesis, which turns the leaves green during warmer months. When the temperature drops, chlorophyll breaks down and the green color begins to disappear, revealing yellows, oranges and in some tree species, purple tones. Although daytime temperatures across the state have been in the 80s this week, nighttime temperatures are dipping into the low 50s and 60s, giving us the cooler conditions necessary for leaf change. This week, temperatures drop across Maryland, setting the stage for fall’s colorful show. Southern Maryland American beech, sweetgum, red maple, and scarlet oak are just beginning to turn in Southern Maryland, but the region remains mostly a vibrant green. Chase Kolstrom, Project Forester, hopes a change in the weather brings more fall color to the treetops: “I don’t expect to see any major changes this week. Fall weather is supposedly coming soon, so we may see more change next week.” Northern Maryland With their ruby reds and fiery oranges, maples top the list […]

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