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NAS Patuxent River Abuzz Over Boy Scouts Bee House Project on Base

Naval Air Station Patuxent River has long been a steward of the local flora and fauna of the Southern Maryland Landscape since its construction in 1943. With nearly 15,000 acres of land dedicated to the Test mission here, it’s no surprise that much of that land is covered in forest, grassy meadows, and marsh lands that are home to various animals. It was with this in mind that Colin Maupin of Sea Scouts Ship 1942 decided that it would be an ideal location for a series of mason bee houses constructed as part of his Eagle Scout project. Coordinating with the NAS Pax River Natural Resources department and volunteers throughout several organizations, Maupin was able to source materials, construct, and place 10 bee houses in key locations at NAS Patuxent River. “I spoke to the Environmental Department on base about a project that would help the environment in some way,” said Maupin. “After talking to Rebecca Stump there, we decided bee houses would be a good project because they are important pollinators, and starting to decline in this area due to climate change, pesticide use and parasites. Pollinators like the mason bees sustain our ecosystem and help conserve our natural […]

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