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Police Issues Warning About Card Reader Skimming Devices

The Financial Crimes Unit is issuing a community-wide warning about skimming devices. In the last week, the PGPD has recovered three skimming devices at convenience stores in the county. Skimming devices can be placed at point of sale terminals inside of retail stores, grocery stores, convenience stores or any location where credit card transactions are conducted. The devices allow criminals to steal cardholder information. Skimming devices are also having an increasing impact on those who receive funds from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). So far this year, approximately $700,000 in SNAP funding has been stolen from recipients in the county. The PGPD has multiple, active investigations on those committing this type of fraud. Before using a SNAP card or any type of credit or debit card, please review these safety tips: Inspect ATMs or card readers – look for anything loose, crooked, damaged, or scratched. Don’t use any card reader if you notice anything unusual. Pull at the edges of the keypad before entering your PIN. Then, cover the keypad when you enter your PIN to prevent cameras from recording your entry. Use ATMs in a well-lit, indoor location, which are less vulnerable targets. Use debit and credit cards […]

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