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Safety Pilot Tackles Launching and Arresting Aircraft

Commander Naval Air Forces and Headquarters Marine Corps have brought a heightened awareness to Naval Aviation safety to prevent mishaps. In response, the Naval Aviation Enterprise has been improving safety management processes, tools and methods to be more data driven. Several pilot programs are underway to test and mature these new approaches. One of the four pilots is spearheaded by the Aircraft Launch and Recovery Equipment (ALRE) Program Office (PMA-251). PMA-251 executes the timely development, acquisition and sustainment of ALRE systems onboard all ships operating aircraft from their flight decks. PMA-251 is responsible for all systems and equipment used to launch and recover fixed and rotary-wing aircraft. For their pilot, PMA-251 has decided to focus on catapults and arresting gear that support Ford- and Nimitz-class carriers. These systems were selected due to their consequence of failure. To launch the effort, PMA-251 pilot team members held a Class Desk Safety Review (CDSR) in July of 2023 and a System Safety Working Group (SSWG) meeting in August. These two working-level forums are part of a monthly safety drumbeat in the new governance structure designed to maintain progress on risk mitigation that delivers improved safety outcomes for the fleet. These forums also prioritize […]

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