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Senate Unanimously Passes “George “Walter” Taylor Act”

The Senate just UNANIMOUSLY passed SB 273 – Environment – PFAS Chemicals: Prohibitions & Requirements (George “Walter” Taylor Act), the bill that protects Marylanders from toxic PFA chemicals by: prohibiting the use of fire fighting foam laced with PFAS; banning the use of food packaging that contains PFAS; and prohibiting the sale of carpets that contain PFAS. PFAS are a class of highly fluorinated industrial chemicals that have been linked to serious illnesses including: testicular, kidney, liver and pancreatic cancer; reproductive problems; elevated cholesterol; thyroid dysfunction; and, low birth weights as well as weakened immunity amongst children. The Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) measured quantifiable amounts of PFAS in 75% of drinking water tested in 2021. Furthermore, these chemicals remain in our bodies for years and rarely break down in the environment – which is why PFAS are often referred to as “forever chemicals.” SB273 is a priority for the Professional Fire Fighters of Maryland, the Natural Resources Defense Council, and Maryland PIRG because it will protect our first responders and Marylanders. I was so proud today to stand with Mrs. Christine Taylor, the widow of George “Walter” Taylor for whom the Bill is named, and the fire fighters […]

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