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Southern Maryland Under Code Red Air Quality Alert Due to Canada Wildfires

St. Mary’s County Health Department LEONARDTOWN, MD (June 29, 2023) – Smoke from the Canadian Wildfires is expected to cover parts of Maryland over the next several days resulting in poor outdoor air quality. During air quality alerts, sensitive groups should take special precautions as they may be at higher risk for health effects from poor air quality. This includes people with heart or lung diseases (such as asthma), older adults, children, and pregnant persons; as well as those with increased exposure to outdoor air including people experiencing homelessness, those who work or exercise outdoors, and those who do not have air conditioning or weather-tight housing. The St. Mary’s County Health Department encourages the following precautions during times of poor air quality: Stay indoors Run your HVAC system or room air cleaners with a high efficiency filter Some outdoor air may come into indoor environments – try to avoid activities that can further worsen the indoor air quality (such as smoking, using candles or a gas stove, and vacuuming) Limit times outdoors, especially for vulnerable populations and for exertional activity If you are unable to stay indoors, consider using an N95 or KN95 mask and recirculate the air in your […]

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