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St. Mary’s County Bus Driver Picks Up $100,000 Lottery Winner!

The road to his good fortune required persistence, according to the bus driver from Clements who won $100,000 in the March 24 Pick 5 drawing. He usually bases his bets on the numbers in his ZIP code or address but kept missing out on a big win. Then, the few times he would play other numbers, he said, his usual number picks would hit. After that happened earlier this month, the 51-year-old decided to play his ZIP code again. He bought two $1 straight Pick 5 tickets for the March 24 evening drawing at St. Mary’s gas station in Clements, playing the same set of numbers on both tickets. The St. Mary’s County resident learned of his win later that night when he received a call from a family member. His cousin, who knows that he plays his ZIP code and address, alerted him that the ZIP code numbers came out. When asked of his plans for the $100,000 prize, the happy winner says he will do some needed home renovations and buy a new work truck for his side contracting business. After that, he added, he may go on a cruise. His lucky retailer, St. Mary’s gas station, is […]

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