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St. Mary’s County Commissioner Meeting Rollup – July 26, 2022

The Commissioners of St. Mary’s County held their regular business meeting in the Chesapeake Building Tuesday, July 26, 2022, with the invocation and pledge, followed by approval of the consent agenda. The Commissioners approved a request from the County Attorney’s Office to hold a Public Hearing Tuesday, Aug. 23, 2022, to consider the amendment of Chapter 267 of the Code of St. Mary’s County, Maryland, to Provide for Exemption from the St. Mary’s County Transfer Tax. A formal notice of the hearing will be forthcoming. The Sheriff’s Office’s request to submit the FY2022 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Program-Local Solicitation Application, Project US2336, from the U.S. Department of Justice, in the amount of $17,792 to purchase mechanical entry tools, was approved. The Department of Finance received approval to close the FIN22 Capital Reserve, rolling State/Federal authority to the FIN23 Capital Reserve through a Budget Amendment. Funds in the FIN Reserve provide budget authority in the Capital Improvement Project fund for grant opportunities or other needs during the fiscal year. The Commissioners approved a recommendation from the Department of Economic Development to set the Transferrable Development Right Fee-in-Lieu amount for Fiscal Year 2023 at $4,861.02. The Department of Recreation […]

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