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State Police Implement Virtual Decision-Making Simulator Training

Maryland State Police are implementing an interactive virtual reality training system that provides individualized training and immediate feedback and instruction for troopers in decision-making during countless scenarios ranging from traffic stops to life-threatening standoffs. The Maryland State Police is believed to be the first in the state and region to implement the Apex Virtual Police Simulator training system.  The system uses virtual reality technology to immerse troopers in interactive real-life situations that are unpredictable and are directly impacted by a participant’s ability to properly respond to a specific situation. The trooper being trained puts on a small backpack and a headset.  They are provided a replica handgun and a multi-tool which, for Maryland state troopers, represents the ‘less lethal’ tools they carry. In another room, an instructor sits at a laptop computer and router that generate the scenes.  The instructor controls the scene and everything the suspects or victims on-screen do.  When the instructor speaks, the person on screen moves his/her mouth.  The instructor can change the facial expressions and movements of the person remotely, based on what occurs during the scenario.  The instructor is also the voice of the person on-screen, so he/she is directly interacting with the trainee […]

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