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VIDEO: Mechanicsville Woman Charged With 17 Counts of Animal Cruelty

On January 5, 2021, the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office was contacted by the St. Mary’s County Animal Control Supervisor regarding concerns for the neglect and maltreatment of numerous animals located on the property of 42202 Greenwells Hills Lane in Leonardtown. Supervisor Wilson advised numerous horses, goats, cows, and fowl were located at the property, and seemed to be neglected and emaciated. Animal Control had numerous complaints about the animals getting off the property and running loose. These complaints began in 2018 and continue into 2021. Pursuant to these other Animal Control Investigations it was determined that Jennifer Katherine Hurry, 53, of Mechanicsville, is the owner of the animals. Hurry claimed ownership of the animals in the past and has received numerous citations from animal control for not having them properly contained on the property. The property where the animals are kept were described as very secluded and cannot be seen from the road. In efforts to view the animals, the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office Drone Unit and a Detective deployed the drone to observe/photograph the animals. Police observed approximately 17 to 20 horses in a very small paddock, which was estimated to be “far less than 1 acre”. […]

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